Retreat Speaker

  Lisa Jones

Cincinnati, OH


Lisa is a speaker, writer and Community Pastor with BLOC Ministries—an inner city mission to the forgotten and marginalized in Cincinnati, Ohio. 


After a 13 year ministry in the comfort of the Washington DC suburbs, Lisa and her husband, Tim, (speaker, artist, and comedian) left everything they knew and loved to join BLOC Ministries  and live among the generationally poor. 


After a year of working with BLOC's Weightless Anchor house—a day shelter reaching out to women in poverty, prostitution, and addiction—Lisa felt led to start a group for young girls in that neighborhood, to help them break the cycle of addiction and desperation that is literally offered up daily on every corner. The result was "Girls Wanted". Two years later, the group is going strong, offering young girls connection, hope, and a future. 


In addition to the girls group, Lisa is ordained for face to face visits with inmates in the county jail. This is where she gets to help guide the ladies at their lowest, yet most hopeful point. Many of them are even eager to study the Bible with her. 


 A purity advocate and Inspirational speaker up and down the East Coast for the past 26 years, Lisa has also had the privilege of speaking in Australia on 3 separate occasions. 


Lisa is fresh and transparent. You will enjoy her vulnerable and disarming personality, as well as her love for and insight into the Word of God.


She has survived cancer, the journey of her prodigal son, the diagnosis of "bipolar" for another son, and—so far—36 years of marriage. Her life is an open book, and when she speaks, she holds nothing back.


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