Remember Blogs?

Do you like to write? Paper or computer? Do you have a blog? I blogged my way through the early years in my nursing career, still occasionally (ok, rarely) post a blog entry on my current blog. I mostly go old school and have a journal with paper pages that I enjoy writing in.

Blogs are similar to journaling but for an online audience and when they become popular, it's generally for a specific market.

So here are a few of my favorites: *Heads up - they are not all specifically "Christian"; these are just my favorites to visit.* Often bloggers have podcasts as well, but some are still only bloggers. In addition to the previously recommended Barnstorming blog (poetic writing, beautiful photos) here are a few more of my favorites:

Ann Voskamp's blog is a popular one. She is poetic, inspires introspection, and each weekend, she posts some links she's found interesting around the internet.

If you like to read, Modern Mrs Darcy (Anne Bogel) can help your TBR pile grow. She also has a weekly podcast called What Should I Read Next? where she interviews a person about what books they love, what book they hate, and what they're reading now - and then offers suggestions for what to read next. Anne also posts a "links I love" each week on the blog.

A Cup of Jo is a blog I also frequent. There are multiple contributors, on multiple topics (food, design, clothes, motherhood) and it is very organized to search through. Joanna Goddard is the blog owner and primary writer, and also has a weekend recommendation of multiple links (aka rabbit holes) to wander to.

One that is new to me but a favorite of a friend - Young House Love. This is about DYI and Decor.

There are many, MANY blogs focused on fashion, cooking, or decor blogs out in the Interwebs, so if you've got any you'd like to recommend, email me or put up on the FB page on the newsletter link.

My blog : BookishRN

And a plug for my husband's : Valley of the Blind Squirrels

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

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