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November Findings

The Detectorists - Amazon Prime (Seasons 1-2) and a description of the show here.

Kanopy is a free option connected to your public library. Once you create a login with your library card - you may watch many free movies and documentaries (10 per month). This can be through your computer, or connected on your Roku (or other device). There are also 6,002 Great Courses to increase your knowledge in so many areas, and watching these options do not count towards your monthly total. I know - MORE TO WATCH! (sorry)

For the readers - a list of Family Saga type stories for your consideration from Modern Mrs Darcy (Anne Bogel). Do you have a favorite among the recommended books?

On a recent trip to Connecticut, my sister drove us along a part of the scenic Merritt Parkway where there are multiple artistic styles for the many bridges (overpasses). If you ever take a drive along the southern portion of Connecticut - don't miss this beautiful piece of highway. This link shows some black and white photos of bridges and tells a bit of the history.

And never forget:

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