How does COVID-19 effect the

Women's Retreat?

Currently, we do not have plans to cancel the retreat.  We understand that the nature of this pandemic has been changing rapidly and we are waiting to see how things play out over the next few weeks. We are hoping to have more information by the end of the month. Please understand that there is some fluidity with this and we are trying to ride the wave of wise decision making. 

We feel that this retreat is going to be something that we will need more than ever and are doing everything in our power to provide you with an opportunity for your soul to be restored.

Our hope is that we will be able to gather as planned May1-3. This year our planning team made a few significant changes to the retreat. Many of these changes are more suitable for social distancing and navigating potential exposure. These are changes we have been working on since June and not in response to the pandemic, but will benefit us all at this time.

  • We have limited the retreat to 30 women as opposed to the normal 50. We initially did this to create a better environment for building community. At the moment the CDC is not recommending participation of gatherings of 50 or more people.

  •  Each house we have rented has a capacity of about 10 people. Typically accommodations are made for 30 to 50 people in 1 house. This means you will be exposed to fewer people in your house.

  • We have changed the format this year so that meals are shared in a small group or outdoors. All breakfasts will be in your individual house with your housemates.  All lunch and dinners will be together with everyone and arrangements have been made for these meals to be enjoyed outdoors in an open area.

  • There are only 3 sessions for everyone to gather as a group and all 3 of those are outdoors.

  • Activities are limited to a small group of 6 or fewer people and 3 of the 5 activity selections are outdoors in large expansive spaces.

  • The retreat team will be arriving in Cape Charles on Thursday. Initially this was to give us time to set everything up for your arrival, but this will now include a literal clean sweep of all of the houses.


There are 4 things that experts encourage for helping support your immune system. They are listed below and while we are not scientists or experts on the subject, we have taken this into consideration while planning this retreat:

  • Healthy Sleep - We have eliminated the evening session freeing up your evening. This should prevent any late night small groups and you have the freedom to chat with a friend, take a walk to the beach or go to bed at your preferred time.

  • Times of Rest During the Day - We are still preserving a large amount of time in the middle of the day for free time so you can take a nap, lay on the beach or enjoy a cup of tea on the porch. 

  • Movement & Being Active - There are MANY opportunities to move your body. Some are gentle and some are more ambitious. You can take a walk to the nature preserve, take a bike ride, yoga, kayaking, stand up paddle-boarding or a morning run.

  • Connection - THIS has been one of our primary goals for this retreat. We want you to leave feeling like you deepened your relationship with this community of women. We have tailored all meals, activities and sessions with this in mind.


As you can see, we have made a big shift to move this gathering to outdoor spaces as much as possible. Our goal is to get outside and enjoy the healing power that the gift of God's creation has on our souls and minds. We love each and every one of you and are praying for your health and wellness. We are also praying that this retreat will be the perfectly timed restoration that your soul needs most right now.

Health and peace to you all,

- The CG Women's Retreat Team

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